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Print’s not dead, declares IDC

February 5, 2019

In a new infographic, IDC has unveiled the reasons behind this declaration, with the infographic displaying its various predictions for the print industry in Western Europe in 2019.

These predictions include the emergence of new pricing models e.g. subscription, license, per seat, per user; a shift to contractual from transactional business in the worlds of Enterprise and SMBs; the formation of more acquisitions and strategic partnerships; and the continuation of consolidation amongst channel, hardware and software providers.

IDC also forecasts that office page volumes will continue to decline as a result of digitisation processes, evolving office practices and automation.

Other predictions include the growth of industrial printing, IT infrastructure outsourcing, heightened security in the form of increased print monitoring and management solutions adoption, and the burgeoning of inkjet technology adoption.

IDC also forecasts a rise in the number of new online providers of BPS and MPS.

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