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PrintReleaf video reveals forest verification

November 22, 2018

The organisation has released a new video which demonstrates how it goes about verifying the health and performance of its forests.

Explaining that, for PrintReleaf, “trust is the cornerstone of any good partnership”, the organisation says that is why it has developed “strict and innovative industry standards which verify the performance of” its reforestation projects.

These standards are illuminated in the video, which explains that PrintReleaf works with various partners around the globe “that are established experts in reforestation”. These partners employ local workers to run the reforestation projects and protect the trees from being cut down once they are grown. This gives local communities an economic incentive to grow and nurture their forest.

While the partner organisations monitor their projects, PrintReleaf, in association with SGS, plays its own key role, conducting independent audits to meet PrintReleaf’s stringent requirements.

To learn more about the actual auditing process step-by-step, check out the video. PrintReleaf explains that, as a result of these audits, the organisation can “report back to our partners and end customers that their investment in our forests are verified and sustainable.”

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