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PrintReleaf update standard with Colorado University

December 13, 2017

A partnership between the reforestation organisation and the institution has updated its sustainability guidelines.

A collaboration between PrintReleaf and the University of Colorado has resulted in a update to PrintReleaf’s reforestation standard – “version 2.0”, as the organisation’s CEO terms it.

Through its partnership with the University’s Masters of the Environment Programme, PrintReleaf have added new, detailed methodologies for field audits, which include drone photography and videography.

Jordan Darragh, PrintReleaf’s Founder and CEO, said: “The PrintReleaf Standard is an open and public document established by leading print and forestry experts. It outlines the minimum requirements for certification as a PrintReleaf global forestry partner, as well as the verification process to ensure survivability of all newly planted forests. In addition, the PrintReleaf Standard also defines third party audit and verification processes, which are administered by SGS International. The PrintReleaf reforestation standard ensures that the viability and survivability of trees planted by PrintReleaf global forestry partners is accurate and authentic.”

The programme, at the university’s Boulder campus, is a seventeen-month graduate degree programme focussing on leadership, problem solving, and application; it partners with units and disciplines across the campus, as well as external organisations. The collaboration with PrintReleaf allows students the chance to participate in developing real-world environmental initiatives.

“The Masters of the Environment programme benefits greatly from participation with companies like PrintReleaf,” said Joel Hartter, Faculty Director of the programme and Associate Professor at the University of Colorado.  “Our students and faculty appreciate the opportunity to work with companies actively seeking to improve the environment and address environmental sustainability head-on. The PrintReleaf programme is particularly useful because the company has a global initiative, using reforestation projects around the world.”

PrintReleaf certifiably guarantees to offset the paper consumption of its customers, and uses its patented technology to both track consumption, and ensure it reforests that on an equivalent basis. Version 2.0 of the organisation’s global sustainability standard is now available to view at


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