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PrintReleaf reaches milestone

September 29, 2016

More than 2,500 customers have united with the MPS company to help battle deforestation.


End customers have “releafed” 1.5 billion pages which is 180,000 trees within PrintReleaf’s certified global forestry system. This is a milestone for the company. PrintReleaf have “conducted a vertical market review that includes end user segmentation and case studies”, with the goal of the study to “further understand which types of organisations have already connected to PrintReleaf”, which created a “road map” for partners to “target prospective customers” that respond positively to the company.

There was a strong response from the healthcare, legal, financial and education vertical markets, which was expected, but the most revealing outcome was that the majority of end customers are not typical, and fall more into “general enterprise”, meaning that PrintReleaf “resonates positively with any type of company”.

While there are leading markets that have intensive paper usage making them obvious targets, there are also small consulting groups, employment agencies and warehouse facilities which were represented under general enterprise in the study. Businesses were said to relate to PrintReleaf because corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become mainstream, and in some circumstances, a requirement.

Industrial impact on the climate is an ongoing concern and provides a need for “more systemic responses and solutions”, PrintReleaf adding that workplaces need to provide a culture that is environmentally and socially mindful, especially when recruiting a younger workforce, which is why PrintReleaf relates “on all levels” with its sustainability solution, as it requires “little to no resources” and is measurable, automated and certified.

Alongside the review, the company “has published a series of cases studies providing more specific examples of how and why end customers benefit from committing to ‘releaf’ their paper consumption through the PrintReleaf Exchange”.



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