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PrintFleet wins award for MPS software

January 26, 2016

The MPS software provider’s Embedded Data Collection Agent (DCA) was given the award by Buyers Laboratory.PrintFleet

The award, for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Innovation’, was given to the Embedded DCA, which was “specifically designed for small and medium-sized print environments” by both PrintFleet and Samsung. It offers businesses of those sizes a “simple, intuitive device management tool for installs where a server-based DCA was not practical”, and allows for “all of the functionality that PrintFleet users expect” as well as “the added ability to pre-flight and remotely configure”, saving time and money.

Buyers Laboratory’s analysts studied the software through Samsung’s XOA devices, which “work with any PrintFleet solution” from Vision to Enterprise, and PrintFleet added that the software “can be used on any dealer/distribution/OEM programme to enable comprehensive data collection from all manufacturer’s devices”. It also noted the DCA is “simple to install and activate” for SMBs.

Jamie Bsales, Director of Office Workflow Solutions Analysis at Buyers Laboratory, stated: “Every now and then an idea comes along that combines simplicity with sheer brilliance. That’s the way we feel about PrintFleet’s MFP-resident data collection agent. Having the DCA embedded on an MFP, rather than requiring it to run on a PC or server, is more convenient for both MPS dealers and their customers, making this innovation from PrintFleet a true win-win for all involved.”

Chris McFarlane, President and CEO of PrintFleet, added: “Technology is always changing and we strive to stay at the forefront of these changes, especially as it relates to leading the way in terms of data collection. We are very honoured to receive the Outstanding Achievement in Innovation for our Embedded DCA. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Samsung team on the project.”

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