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PrintFleet updates MPS software

April 23, 2015

The MPS software provider has released the latest version of the PrintFleet Optimiser (PFO).printfleet logo2

The PFO software, now at version 3.6, focuses on data collection agent (DCA) management, with the new version featuring a “completely new” management user interface, which allows for “remote scan configuration” and future updates. The new version of the software is among the “latest developments” that provides PrintFleet’s reseller customers with “the ability to take advantage of automation and connectedness within their supply chain”.

The company’s other three programmes currently at version 3.0 – Vision, Enterprise and POP – will “continue to be available and supported in multiple languages” on order to “meet requirements of both existing and new customers”. PrintFleet added that “moving from one version of the software to the next is one of the benefits” of customer maintenance agreements.

Gordon Rielly, Chief Technology Officer at PrintFleet, commented: “The 3.6 release makes deployment and management of the DCA materially easier for our customers. Initial deployment of the DCA is vastly simplified through pre-configuration; it enables true one-click deployment of the DCA into new sites.

“Remote configuration eliminates the need to physically touch the DCA once deployed, and multi-DCA updates that take advantage of global caching through Amazon Cloudfront make for the most efficient yet infinitely scalable deployment and monitoring process available today.”

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