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PrintFleet to create toner cartridge delivery analytics

November 5, 2015

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet

The MPS provider is joining with Photizo Group to develop a predictive analytics process for just-in-time (JiT) toner cartridge delivery methodology.

The analytics will help create a “robust” delivery system as well as “greatly reduce cost and inappropriate toner [cartridge] shipments for all levels of the supply chain”. The system will be combined with LINK supplies fulfilment automation to reduce waste and increase proactive delivery of imaging supplies.

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet, said: “This will propel the imaging industry supply chain to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness. PrintFleet strives to ensure our partners can manage by fact, through this model we are taking it even further.”

Scott Hornbuckle, Practice Director of Predictive Analytics at Photizo, commented: “In a market where operational efficiency is key, we are excited to leverage our expertise and investment in predictive analytics to create value for our clients in a way that directly impacts their business and financial results in a positive way.”



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One response to “PrintFleet to create toner cartridge delivery analytics”

  1. PhilMatthews says:

    Guys, this is far from ground breaking, at Kanban MPS we’ve been doing this for over 3 years. Today we regularly take large fleets away from resellers using PrintFleet as Kanban is the only platform that can do this right, right now. We work with Westcoast and the some of the UK’s largest resellers to empower supplies sales people with a live dashboard of everything their customer needs for the next week, month or more. Drop me a line for a demo

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