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PrintFleet software utilised in Samsung’s MPS programme

March 7, 2013

The software provider has teamed with the OEM on its global MPS programme.printfleet

Samsung’s global MPS programme is said by PrintFleet to “simplif[y] print management”, and its introduction of a “comprehensive” fleet monitoring programme is aiming to make it easier for Samsung resellers to “grow their business and stay connected to their customers”.

The global-reaching cloud programme works by using PrintFleet’s software to allow users of Samsung’s MPS programme to monitor printer fleets, with information quickly available. PrintFleet adds that the software is “designed specifically to help resellers transition to MPS in a way that best suits their operations”, and PrintFleet will actually manage, host and administer the programme on Samsung’s behalf.

This “unique” move, according to PrintFleet, means that resellers are guaranteed to “receive the very best support” in terms of the software, with Samsung’s devices connecting to the software and sending back usage information.

Chris McFarlane, President and CEO of PrintFleet, said of the deal: “The alignment of PrintFleet and Samsung brings the power of intelligent fleet monitoring, drives innovation and makes our mutual customers become more agile. This strategic alliance also creates a tremendous opportunity for Samsung Resellers to deliver services and savings that are critical in today’s marketplace.”

Kasey Kim, Vice President of Samsung Electronics, added: “This partnership strengthens our ability to provide best-in-class services to our resellers. Now, our resellers will be able to offer their customers savings through a lower-cost, high quality, fleet monitoring program.

“Resellers should take full advantage of what the program can offer their customers – and them. Samsung is focused on helping resellers succeed by delivering unique products to differentiate them in the marketplace, and this program will offer Samsung a standardized Global MPS platform that will make it easier for resellers to deliver a managed print model to their customers.”

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