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PrintFleet relocates head office

September 2, 2016

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet

The Canadian MPS provider’s corporate headquarters has moved within Kingston, Ontario.

In a press release, the company stated that the corporate head office has moved from “downtown Kingston to a larger location in the west end of the city”, at 202-1000 Gardiners Road. The reason for relocating was that the company “now enjoys a modern office environment that better reflects the organisation’s corporate culture”, with the first official day in the new office Monday 22 August.

PrintFleet added that in the new space it has “among other things” installed “video conferencing capabilities to more easily fulfil its global mandate and meet the needs of their partners and clients around the world”. The office is also “more accessible than downtown, providing quick and easy access to the major 400-series highway, the train station and airport”, as well as “other services and amenities for staff and visitors alike”.

Chris McFarlane, President and CEO of PrintFleet, commented: “We are very excited about the move. The relocation of our head office coincides with the culmination of an exciting year for PrintFleet and the start of another great year. We appreciate the exceptional efforts of several members of the PrintFleet Team that went into getting us moved on time and with minimal disruptions. We look forward to meeting you in our new offices.”

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