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PrintFleet releases new MPS tool

May 3, 2016

The company’s QuickAssess key is a “rapid data collection tool” for MPS print environment assessments.PrintFleet

In a press release, the company stated that the QuickAssess system allows for “simple and accurate assessments of print environments”, adding that it is built on the latest version of the company’s “industry-leading” data collection agent (DCA), SuitePro. QuickAssess is said to provide a “detailed ‘snapshot’ of a print environment”, helping to gather data from printers concerning “billing, supply and service management”.

The “comprehensive” data collection also includes meter reads, toner and non-toner supply levels, device status, OEM error codes, serial numbers and more, with PrintFleet adding that the system is “consistent with [its] commitment to collecting the most accurate reliable data in the industry”. QuickAssess can be “custom-branded to meet the unique needs of every customer”, and also “works with any MPS programme”, as well as offering scan and display and comparison features.

The company also stated that the software “was designed with a variety of MPS users in mind”, from OEMs to resellers and dealers, and “has several use cases across the channel”, such as sales and marketing development. PrintFleet believes that it “can help businesses drive growth by assisting sales teams with assessments, penetrating new markets, winning bids [and] improving MPS contract margins”.

Chris McFarlane, President and CEO of PrintFleet, commented: “QuickAssess is a vast improvement over the legacy SuitePro key. SuitePro was a PrintFleet offering routinely requested by customers and given its dated technology, we decided to update it. QuickAssess has the same features that made SuitePro successful with the addition of a more user-friendly and customisable user interface, providing our customers and partners one more tool with which to grow their business.”




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