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PrintFleet releases new Enterprise software

May 31, 2012

The Enterprise v3.1 software is aimed at use through customer pre-production servers, and has already been installed on Samsung’s PrintIQ MPS programme.

The PrintFleet Enterprise (PFE) software update is a “major release that includes new functionality”, according to the company, with features of the software including automated supplies-fulfillment, device bulk editing, and supply alerts. PrintFleet noted that the company’s trial site has been updated, and that customers interested should contact the company for more details.

A new supply detail screen allows users to see a “detailed history” of the supply to that device, which some users have already proclaimed an “awesome” addition to the software. The company adds that the update “accelerates still more our ability to deliver accurate, reliable and consistent device data, increased performance and scalability”.

Chris McFarlane, President and CEO of PrintFleet, stated: “We are very happy with this release. It has been installed on a number of customer pre-production servers, and is live on Samsung’s PrintIQ MPS program.”

In previous months PrintFleet has seen a great deal of new activity and new partnerships, including partnering with Lomond on its EvoJet deviceVOW, Supplies Network, and Samsung, and celebrating its work with remanufacturer West Point Products.

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