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PrintFleet releases DCA Pulse

May 2, 2017

The Data Collection Agent (DCA) Pulse is said to be a more reliable and accurate solution to data collection.

PrintFleet announced the new software solution in a press release and said that the product offers customers more “exact information” on fields such as “industry standard labels” and allows more “target device-specific information”.

Greg MacLellan, Director, Software Architecture, PrintFleet, said: “DCA Pulse is a complete re-think in nearly all aspects of our data collection process, and is based on the extensive experience the PrintFleet team has working with data collection on hundreds of thousands of different networks and configurations. In addition to addressing some of the long-standing challenges customers had with previous generation DCAs, the new design gives us a platform to handle increasingly complex print environments and provide many new features and capabilities.”

PrintFleet”s CEO. Chris McFarlane, said in a statement: “Pulse reflects PrintFleet’s focus on the value of data and bringing the industry towards standardization which will ultimately lead to more streamlined, automated and industrialized device management. We hope you get as excited about the possibilities of DCA Pulse as we are.”



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