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PrintFleet receives Editor’s Choice Award

July 28, 2017

The company was awarded an Editor’s Choice Award for DCA Pulse by the Print.IT Reseller Magazine.

PrintFleet Inc. announced that the company has been awarded an Editor’s Choice Award for DCA Pulse from the UK’s channel publication, Print.IT Reseller Magazine.

Print.IT Reseller’s Editorial Director, James Goulding, has been in the office, IT and print industry for over 25 years and draws on his experience and knowledge of the channel to select the winners of the Editor’s Choice Awards. These awards are presented based on three criteria: excellence in design, innovation and functionality.

DCA Pulse was chosen on the basis of its functionality and its innovative approach to data collection. PrintFleet’s newest data collection agent (DCA) features several enhancements designed to improve the overall performance efficiency of PrintFleet’s traditional DCA and address industry-wide problems with standardisation. Key features of DCA Pulse include the introduction of model definition files, custom scan intervals, differential data transmission and its cross-platform capabilities.

“We are thrilled to receive the Editor’s Choice Award from Print.IT Reseller Magazine for DCA Pulse,” stated Chris McFarlane, President & CEO, PrintFleet. “DCA Pulse has been three years in the making for us and we are very pleased with the initial reception in market. We believe that Pulse will increase the ubiquity of data collection for all businesses in the channel by reducing maintenance and deployment costs, and making data collection available for users in a variety of operating environments.”


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