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PrintFleet partners with HP Inc

December 16, 2016

The MPS company will partner with the OEM to “incorporate support” for the OEM’s technology.printfleet

In a press release, PrintFleet stated that the deal will see the “partnership agreement […] incorporate support” for HP Inc’s Smart Device Services into PrintFleet’s “industry-leading solutions”, with HP Inc said to have “invited a very select list of leading companies to share its new platform and technologies” in order to “bring added-value to channel partners by simplifying contractual print management engagements”.

The deal will “incorporat[e] shared technology and advanced software management capabilities for HP devices” directly into PrintFleet’s Optimiser solutions, to allow the latter’s customers to “take full advantage” of the Smart Device Services “from within the comfort of their existing device management solution”. Additionally, PrintFleet’s newest data collection agent (DCA) – DCA Pulse – will be launched in the new year, and will “enable more timely updates for all devices”.

This, alongside the partnership with HP Inc, will “ensure that HP device support is always timely and complete”, and “as precision and timeliness are the cornerstone of effective device management”, the DCA Pulse “methodology” and the “close integration with HP technologies” will, according to PrintFleet, “enhance those factors for improved HP device management”.

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet, commented: “This partnership  with HP for Smart Device Services  will ensure that our customers can continue to have the most accurate and reliable data in the industry while taking full advantage of new and advanced HP device management technologies. We appreciate the opportunity to work more closely with HP to help our joint partners lower cost and deliver greater value.”

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