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PrintFleet partners with compatibles distributor

September 1, 2015

TACM logohe MPS provider hopes to use the collaboration to offer its “PrintFleet LINK-enabled just-in-time supplies fulfillment programme…throughout the United States and Canada”.

The data-enabled solution “that permits an imaging device to essentially order its own consumables” will allow ACM customers to “simplify and automate their entire toner and ink ordering process”.

ACM supplies OEM and remanufactured/compatible toner and inkjet cartridges for printers and copiers, as well as printer ribbons and a number of EcoPlus cartridges.

Ben Lin, Executive VP of ACM Technologies, said: “We chose PrintFleet LINK because we knew it would have an immediate impact. Our customers are looking for a simple, fast and accurate way to order printer cartridges and imaging supplies.”

Chris McFarlane, President & CEO of PrintFleet, commented: “As the imaging industry continues to witness a shift toward analytics-driven transformation and automation, we are pleased to be able to provide just-in-time supplies fulfillment for an efficient, cost-effective and greener solution.”


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