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PrintFleet partners with Brother on MPS

January 13, 2017

The companies have partnered to “provide expanded reporting capabilities for channel partners”.

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet

In a press release, PrintFleet stated that the two have come together to “provide channel partners with greater fleet management capabilities and added value”, with their joint production a dashboard that “offers end-users full visibility into their document imaging devices and workflow”. As resellers “face many challenges around communicating the value” of MPS to clients, the Brother dashboard “is a value-added reporting tool that enables resellers to demonstrate how [MPS] can increase efficiencies”.

The dashboard can also help resellers demonstrate how MPS can “reduce costs and improve device management”, and uses a “combination of automatic device data” collected by PrintFleet’s data collection agent (DCA) and custom total cost of ownership (TCO) values entered by the reseller to “provide users with valuable insights for better management of their print environment”.

It is also integrated into PrintFleet’s Optimiser platform, which “over 4,500 dealers are currently utilising in the marketplace to effectively manage their customers’ fleets” to offer MPS “advantages”. This data is displayed in “multiple widgets” that report both device and meter data, such as “problem devices, power usage, utilisation, page coverage and toner levels”, while users can see “aggregated data for comprehensive, high-level overviews” or “view data on a customer level for more detailed insights”.

PrintFleet pointed out that the Dashboard is also “an imperative sales enablement tool for managed print providers looking to grow existing accounts and acquire new business”, with resellers able to “help clients who struggle to capture and communicate fleet performance metrics, establish TCO benchmarks and ensure devices are properly utilised”.

It concluded that by “providing accurate, real-time performance data to help end users manage their day-to-day business as well as their overall operations”, resellers using the Dasboard can “better demonstrate that print devices are as strategically important to their business as other devices and processes in the office”.

Chris McFarlane, President and CEO of PrintFleet, commented: “We see the Brother Dashboard as extremely beneficial to the channel. With the proliferation of data and analytics, there is value in being able to easily access this information and see it visually represented in a clear, concise manner. The Dashboard provides valuable insight that allows users to better action the data and manage their print environment.”

Dan Waldinger, Director of Solutions and Services at Brother, added: “As managed print services evolve, it is not enough to just collect the data; resellers and OEMs must act on it and help users optimise their entire fleet of devices, increase efficiency and manage print-related costs. We engaged with PrintFleet to jointly provide a Dashboard that by its nature is a call-to-action for providers to continually optimise the environment of their customers.”

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