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PrintFleet launches new cloud MPS solution

August 5, 2013

The Vision software will allows dealers and MPS providers to monitor programmes via the Cloud.PrintFleet

The company stated that Vision will be a “cloud-based monitoring and management solution” aimed at dealers, IT VARs and MPS providers, offering “all of the functionality” of its Optimizer software, a previous software release from PrintFleet that was aimed at helping companies in a similar way with MPS optimization and monitoring.

The Vision software remotely monitors an MPS programme, and can “capture, store and analyze” printing data from different client locations, allowing the provider to save money investing in hardware, software or IT, with an “enhanced system performance” allowing customers to quickly find devices, as well as polling.

PrintFleet added that the software also gives customers the ability to “manage virtually unlimited numbers of print devices”, with an incorporation of Optimizer’s “extensive” database of printer models allowing the software to “assess, service and supply” printers from a wide range of OEMs.

David Morrow, PrintFleet’s Chief Commercial Officer, stated of the new release: “Vision builds on our ongoing focus on support and service, and meets the market‘s requirements for an easy to use, affordable and scalable solution.

“Our customers can now choose a simpler, cloud-based deployment without compromising ease of use, data quality or reliability. Vision reflects the next evolution of PrintFleet’s products and services and we are excited to be bringing it to the market.”

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