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PrintFleet CEO interviewed

September 7, 2015

Chris McFarlane says MPS has grown from managing printing to document management, IT service, network management and other processes.

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet

The executive told European CEO that resellers are “focused on streamlining their own business processes”, which includes MPS “as one piece of a larger business management puzzle”. With increased automation, “enormous efficiencies” are provided, and as such it is “becoming a business imperative” for “increased productivity and competitiveness”.

McFarlane believes that automation “reduces the number of human-to-machine interactions necessary”, as well as making business processes “repeatable, scalable and reliable”, and the more consistent and precise, the less chance of error and more chance of “enhanced productivity”. With MPS, PrintFleet has developed its technology to enable “seamless machine-to-machine and machine-to-human interactions” through the internet of printers (IoP), McFarlane notes.

The IoP helps the company show that “print devices can lead this smart capability” surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), and MPS can help it “proactively manage service, consumables and usage” as well as improve “the manufacturing process” and reduce costs. Industry challenges include “less print in the near future” as well as “connecting diverse businesses with meaningful information”, which will help ensure “the greatest chance of success” for printing in future.

McFarlane believes that the company “differentiates” itself from competitors by being “focused on the value of data and its effective use”, as well as having “built an extensive community” through “connectedness”. For the future, he notes that PrintFleet wants to “continue to be the solution of choice” for companies, and to be “at the epicentre of the industry”.

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