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PrintFleet announces alliance with print management company

August 14, 2014

The MPS provider has partnered with Preton to help improve “ease of use” for users.printfleet logo2

Preton, which PrintFleet describes as a “leader in toner optimisation and user metric solutions”, and PrintFleet formed their “strategic alliance” to focus on improving “ease of use” in MPS programmes for users, and this will be achieved by “facilitating device and user information displayed in a single user interface” as an initial focus, before moving onto “subsequent stages” of collaboration.

These future ideas include a “common installer, enhanced reporting” and “in-depth toner optimisation”, which would together lead to “greater profits and more proactive consumable management” for MPS customers.

Chris McFarlane, CEO of PrintFleet, stated: “We are extremely pleased about working with Preton to offer our customers a joint solution enabling them to not only manage their devices but to also enjoy a view of their clients’ user environment. This alliance is consistent with our commitment of continual improvement of our solutions while staying true to enabling our customers and partners to choose other great businesses with whom to work.”

Ori Eizenberg, CEO of Preton, added: “By [the]combining of capabilities of Preton and PrintFleet we will be able to provide Dealers with new cost management capabilities that bring value to customers, offer differentiated services and maintain margins in the increasingly competitive managed printmarket.”

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