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PrintFleet and Supplies Network renew contract

April 17, 2012

The MPS software provider and consumables wholesaler have agreed to renew their partnership, which provides MPS boosts for consumers.

PrintFleet notes that its products have been named as “key device data collection software platforms to access device centric data for Supplies Network’s mpsSELECT and CARBON SiX” MPS programmes, which Supplies Network notes “allow dealers to recap the benefits of a sophisticated MPS infrastructure, while avoiding many costly up front software or capital expenditures”.

The two companies are planning to exhibit at ITEX 2012 later this month in Las Vegas, whilst PrintFleet has recently spoken about its successful partnerships with West Point Products, Samsung and GreatAmerica.

Supplies Network meanwhile recently joined the Newfield IT collaboration to enhance data integration in MPS programmes.

Doug Johnson, Senior Vice President of MPS for Supplies Network, stated: “PrintFleet has long been a leader of innovation in the MPS market place and strong partner for Supplies Network as we have built out our MPS offerings over the past 5 years.”

Chris MacFarlane, President and Chief Operating Officer of PrintFleet, added: “Supplies Network has been a partner of PrintFleet’s since 2007.  We are proud of the many such long term relationships that we have and appreciate the opportunity of working closely together with Supplies Network for many more years.”

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