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PrinterOn releases mobile printing update

September 2, 2015

PrinterOnPrinterOn Enterprise and Express edition 3.1 feature a new mobile web app and allows businesses to choose between On Premises or Hybrid cloud deployment.

The two modes operate on servers within the “trusted network and do not allow documents to leave it”, making it ideal for “organisations that forbid internet connectivity”. The Hybrid Cloud deployment option includes a centralised printer setup and encryption key exchange via the SSL-based outbound cloud connection to PrinterOn’s directory, as well as printer management, job reporting and auto driver distribution.

The mobile web app allows secure printing from any browser-based platform including BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Surface tablets, or smartphone, laptop, or desktop computers. The software developer’s “best-in-class” mobile print apps for iOS and Android facilitate further integration with AirWatch, Good Technolgy and MobileIron.

Version 3.1 also expands print job reporting and analytics, with the Enterprise edition including advanced reporting and analytics capability, monitoring frequent users, most used printers, department or group reports and duplex tracking.

The company recently partnered with Brother to create the PrintSmart Mobile Zone for the OEM’s customers across Europe.

Angus Cunningham, CEO at PrinterOn, commented: “With the new deployment mode options and other major features of 3.1, PrinterOn significantly increases its advantage of providing anytime, anywhere secure mobile printing no matter the workflow, mobile device, printer or the networks in between.

“This 3.1 release supports the continued significant investment in our offering and enables our solutions to meet the broadest set of requirements in the market for both basic and advanced deployments.”


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