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PrinterLogic partners with Sharp to enhance printer driver management

September 6, 2017

This new alliance will enable PrinterLogic to provide a more personalised approach to tackling printing management problems.

In a new press release today PrinterLogic, a server-less enterprise print management solution company, announced its latest partnership, with Sharp Business Systems, in an alliance designed to improve its printer driver management for customers.

PrinterLogic’s patent-pending printer and driver management platform is used by thousands of businesses, delivering Mobile, Pull and Virtual printing while at the same time providing a self-service portal which enables users to install their own printers. The new alliance with Sharp will enable customers to make the most of print management solutions that simultaneously lower complexity and cost and are capable of being used in almost any print environment.  

“Sharp Business Systems combines the resources and reach of a large multi-national company with the benefits of local service and support,” said Garrett Helmer, Senior Vice President of Channels at PrinterLogic. “We are excited to pair PrinterLogic’s printer and driver management solutions with Sharp’s leading products and services, providing a more personalized approach to solving customers’ print management problems.”

Sharp customers will also benefit from this new partnership, no matter what the size of their operation, as they will be able to take advantage of the following services from PrinterLogic:

  • Centralized Driver Deployment & Management – PrinterLogic provides the ability to configure, deploy and update printer drivers from a single, centralized console. This allows customers to maintain a single printer driver repository that can be used to consistently deliver the right driver to every printer in their organization. Not only does PrinterLogic work with all custom and manufacturer printer drivers, it also provides its own universal driver for fail-safe printing. Its built-in multi-platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux end-user workstations ensures full-featured, dependable printing even in mixed-OS environments. Plus, PrinterLogic supports 32- and 64-bit drivers, allowing both platforms to coexist while eliminating concerns about the wrong driver being installed.
  • Eliminate Print Servers – Regardless of how many offices or employees an organization might have, IT staff can centrally manage all printers – while eliminating print servers altogether – to significantly reduce print-related costs. PrinterLogic’s single integrated platform replaces all the functionality print servers used to provide and simplifies print management, reduces costs and empowers users to install printers themselves, without calling the help desk.

“We work closely with our customers to evaluate their existing environment and identify ways to streamline business operations for greater efficiency,” said Anthony Sci, Senior Vice President of Sharp Business Systems. “Print management is often a deep pain point for our customers, and working with PrinterLogic enables us to dramatically simplify customers’ printer driver deployment and ongoing management.”

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