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Printer maintenance costs primary concern for businesses

May 18, 2012

A poll from Quocirca reveals that reducing maintenance costs was the foremost concern for company printer fleets.

Technology website Computer Weekly has reported on the results of a recent poll conducted by analyst firm Quocirca that reveals that reducing maintenance costs was the primary concern for companies.

The poll, utilising a sample of 150 respondents across the UK, France and Spain, revealed that 63 percent considered “reducing maintenance costs” to be their priority, with “understanding usage” and “reducing energy consumption” closely following at 58 and 53 percent respectively.

“New product installation” and “Supplies management” were widely considered low priority and trailed at the bottom of the list with 31 and 33 percent. Contrary to the top ranking results, “Device reliability” was also marked for low interest with only 37 percent of respondents marking it as significant or very significant.

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