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PRINTek announces management changes

June 9, 2017

Zoltan Horváth takes over as Production Manager.

In a press release, PRINTek announced the restructuring of its manufacturing management with Horváth taking over from Balázs Tóth who has left to “pursue a new career in another field”.

PRINTek said that they wished Tóth the sincerest best wishes as he had been a “key asset to the team since 2004” and welcomed Horváth to the post saying that this would allow him to “grow his territory in addition to his professional potential in the ink jet manufacturing field.”

Managing Director, György Koppány, said that the decision came naturally as Horváth had a proven track record and experience as Production Manager of PRINTek’s laser remanufacturing and that this would create a “significant benefit to the organisation individually and collectively.”


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