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Print-Rite’s replacement TN-2420 unaffected

July 5, 2019

Print-Rite announced the company’s replacement Brother TN-2420 cartridges not affected by Brother’s latest firmware update.

Print-Rite said its customers have been reassured that a firmware update for the Brother TN-2420 cartridge has had no adverse impact on the Print-Rite compatible cartridge.

The company said: “The announcement comes after extensive testing and evaluation, proved that the Print-Rite TN-2420 cartridge is unaffected by the update and still works perfectly in the following printers.”

Printer models that were affected by the latest firmware updates are the Brother DCP-L 2510 D, DCP-L 2512 D, DCP-L 2530 DW, DCP-L 2537 DW, DCP-L 2550 DN, HL-L 2310 D, HL-L 2350 DW, HL-L 2357 DW, HL-L 2370 DN, HL-L 2372 DN, HL-L 2375 DW, MFC-L 2712 DW, MFC-L 2710 DN, MFC-L 2710 DW, MFC-L 2712 DN, MFC-L 2730 DW, MFC-L 2732 DW, MFC-L 2735 DW and MFC-L 2750 DW models.

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