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Print-Rite robots taking the strain

February 28, 2020

Print-Rite restarted production on 10 February as soon as its production line had passed the strict examination by the government.

As part of bringing production to normal running level, Print-Rite has been showcasing how with its automated copier toner filling production line, the company has managed to increase production capacity by 20 – 30% in this short time.

Print-Rite stated: “During this special period, with the help of Print-Rite Automatic Copier Toner filling production line which increase production capacity by 20%-30%, we can make sure customer demands are met with products of high and consistent quality.”

Moreover, this automated production line avoids close contact among assembly-line workers and therefore prohibit the spread of the COVID- 19 virus.

Print-Rite concluded: “In view of the circumstances, we are evaluating our production capacity and reviewing all orders to make the best arrangement to all our customers and partners. In the meanwhile, we endeavour to provide you with all information about production capacity we can.”

To view a video of the automated production line in action, please click here.

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