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Print Rite Pelikan is growing

September 11, 2019

Print Rite Pelikan is growing and always looking for experienced salespeople.

Why are we growing when others are declining?

The Pelikan brand has instant recognition with end- users and is re-known for being trustworthy, reliable and dependable. Resellers do not need to reduce prices to sell, and do not need to compete with other aftermarket brand pricing, day after day.

Positioned between OEM and the rest of the aftermarket, it is the only brand capable of stabilising reseller margins.

If you are selling aftermarket imaging consumables and are worried about your future, now is the time to contact Print Rite Pelikan GmbH.

Sales positions available throughout Europe!


Reinder Dijkstra, National Manager GmbH, email 
Jason Doran, General Manager Print Rite Europe Limited email

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