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Print-Rite comments on ITC decision

May 23, 2019

Print-Rite is the latest aftermarket company to comment on ITC’s determination in the 337-1106 investigation.

The company’s statement reads as follows:

“Our view towards the recent ITC determination is that it is certainly a setback for Canon. However, it is possible that Canon would continue to appeal against the ITC determination. The beneficiary of the case is definitely all the defendants.

“Throughout the ITC case, Print-Rite’s focus is on the best interest of our customers. This is why Print-Rite not only actively defending the case, but we also developed a solution (our new PR3) for our customers within a short period of time which both Canon and the ITC have acknowledged to be non-infringing. After a lot of testing, it was launched to the US market in the shortest possible time in order to free our customer of their concern and save them valuable time.

“Print-Rite has always committed to respecting third party’s intellectual property rights as the first rule of our new product development. We also insist that OEM and compatible vendors are a natural match in the printing industry. There might be competition between the two but they are not each other’s enemy. It is understandable that the OEM is exercising their legal rights to protect their inventions through patent litigation and/or 337 procedures. Therefore, this ITC case is only a part of the commercial social ecology, there is no winner or loser, let alone a patent war. In any event, Print-Rite always put our customers interest in the first place.”

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