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Print-Rite boosts marketing team

August 11, 2017

Larissa van Wijngaarden has started at Print-Rite Europe as an intern in the marketing team.

Larissa van Wijngaarden was born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She is studying International Business and Languages (IBL) at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Larissa commented: “Before I started International Business and Languages I wanted to become a social worker. After a year I found out this was not my cup of tea. Starting off as a social worker and ending up in the business industry may seem like a big switch, however, the two have more similarities than may be immediately apparent!”

Talking about moving to a new country and starting on her first marketing internship, Larissa said: “The first day at Print-Rite Europe was really nerve-racking, but I’m sure most people would feel the same in my position. Luckily, I was given a warm welcome. I am really looking forward to become a part of the Print-Rite Europe team and I’m sure I will enjoy my time in here.”



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