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Print-Rite biotoner now consists of 48 percent “biocontent”

January 28, 2014

The company’s biotoner has increased content from 23 percent.utecbiotoner

The company states that its biotoner, which is distributed globally by UTec, has “achieve[d] a breakthrough” and can now consist of 48 percent biocontent.

UTec notes that Print-Rite “was one of the pioneers” in producing biotoner in the Chinese aftermarket, using bioresin as ingredients for the toner to “lower CO2 emmissions and simplif[y] the waste paper de-linking process”, and announced that through continuous research and development, the company has developed biotoner for HP products of between 25 and 30 percent biocontent.

This is said to “fulfill” US bioproduct standards, which have a minimum figure of 25 percent biocontent, and print-out quality apparently “shows an encouraging result compared with [the] industry benchmark”, as the toner’s durability is the “same as [the] industry benchmark under the ISO11798-1998 testing standard”, and coincides with the dramatic improvement of the level of biocontent.

The companies also noted that they have a range of biotoners available for HP, Samsung and Brother cartridges, with three toners available for use in HP’s Q2612A; Q278 and 285, CB435, 436 and 388; and Q5942A cartridges; featuring biocontents of 30 percent, 25 percent and 25 percent respectively.

In turn, two toners are available for Samsung’s ML-1710, 1610 and 1043 cartridges, and its MLT-D101S cartridge, with biocontents of 10 percent each. Finally, one biotoner is available for use in Brother’s TN350 and 360 cartridges, featuring a biocontent of 10 percent.

UTec added: “UTec stays ahead of the competition through technological innovation of new applications and services based on the needs of our customers and market demand, as well as our commitment to environmental protection; biotoner is a choice for the users to maintain wellbeing of the world.”

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