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Print Audit launches MPS application

December 22, 2015

1212595659_Print_Audit_logoThe Print Audit Embedded software is designed for HP Inc printers.

Graphic Arts Mag reported on the launch, which is designed for use on HP Inc’s OXP (Open Extensibility Platform) MFPs, and which is the first version of the software for the OEM’s devices. Print Audit noted that the software is a “comprehensive print governance and print management solution” that aims to bring “a variety of print cost-saving capabilities to HP customers”.

The software is installed directly onto compatible MFPs, and allows users to “control and recover printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs”, as well as being “seamlessly integrated with the desktop versions of Print Audit 6 and Print Audit Secure”. The company added that the software is a “complete document tracking, charge-back, secure release and pull-printing solution”, and as such does not require “the need for external hardware”.

One of the “most significant” features of the software is said to be a “multi-layer, linked authentication” for account charge-back and recovery, which is important in legal businesses “where the common accounting format is two or three levels deep”. Print Audit stated that the software is available as part of its Premier membership programme, which “gives office equipment providers virtually unlimited access” to its products “for one low monthly price”.

John MacInnes, President and CEO of Print Audit, commented: “Print Audit’s HP Embedded solution is going to help Premier members make more money on more devices. End users will win too. Most customers have HP devices in their mix and this solution will help improve their workflow while improving document security dramatically.”

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