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Print Audit discusses device tracking

July 18, 2018

The company has published a new blog that explains the financial costs that come with not tracking every device.

“One of the cornerstones of any good managed print program is a good remote monitoring and management platform,” the blog begins, recommending that “remote monitoring is extremely inexpensive.” Despite this, it states that many dealers only monitor the devices they are managing, which could be “costing you a lot of business.”

The blog gives five reasons why that is. The first is for competitive reasons; the information gleaned from device tracking “continues to be useful throughout the life of the customer relationship because it can be used to build a business case against competitors over time.”

On a similar note, device tracking can help by “showcasing competitors’ flaws” – “if you continue to monitor every device, you can produce SLA reports in your business reviews to show how much better you are,” the blog elaborates, adding that the availability of solid data will help convince customers. “If you’re better, use the device data to prove it.”

Device tracking will also allow your business to use real intelligence to make suggestions of replacements to your customers. “Armed with data, you can make recommendations on a better piece of equipment more suited to the business problem they are solving,” it suggests, contending that without the data that device tracking provides, you have “no way to convince the customer you have a better solution.”

Fourthly, the blog asserts that “your customer will thank you, for helping them to get a more holistic understanding of their total office printing habits.” It goes on to say that device tracking is a good way to “build street cred, and prove to your customers that you provide more value than your competitor.”

Finally, the blog declares that device tracking will allow you to negotiate a better price when it comes to contract renewal, at which point “your customer is going to try and grind you for a better price.” “By collecting and creating deep insights on the entire print environment and user workflow hotspots, you can build a case for why they should be happy to pay you the same – or more.”

You can read the blog for yourself, in full, here.

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