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Print Audit announces acquisition of software company

December 6, 2016

The MPS provider has acquired NeoStream Technologies.


The company Print Audit, which said that it is “helping to save the office equipment industry”, announced in a press release that it has acquired the software company NeoStream Technologies, which will enable its premier members to “fully manage a customer’s document workflow” as well as provide “intranet and communications”. The acquired technology will be released in North America first and then the rest of the world at a later date.

John MacInnes, President of Print Audit, said: “When we announced that we were here to save the office equipment industry, we meant it. Customer workflow is transforming. How they share information internally and with the world at large is transforming. Print Audit is transforming and we’re helping our premier members to do the same. The acquisition of NeoStream Technologies will ensure that our premier members have the opportunity to manage and monetise the entire document lifecycle, printed or not.”

With a decline in the market for printed documents this year, and an “exponential growth” in digital content, the acquisition will help “streamline and simplify” customer experience as well as adding “revenue opportunities” to providers.

Sean Halliday, Founder of NeoStream Technologies, added: “Everybody at NeoStream is excited about the acquisition and we are looking forward to bringing our offering to an entirely new set of customers. We see the lines between digital documents and printed documents blurring and believe that customers will benefit enormously by having a one-stop shop for the combined tools and solutions.”


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