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Premium pigments from leftover toner

March 23, 2018

MES at the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards (Credit: Greg Macvean)

A company based in Cumbernauld, Scotland, has won an award for its innovation of reusing old toner powder from toner cartridges.

Moock Environmental Solutions Ltd. (MES) recycle used printer consumables that have been disposed of, under the WEEE legislation. They previously considered the remnant powder to be “useless”, but in collaboration with Dundee University, have been turning the leftover into high-quality pigments, reports Cumbernauld News.

“There’s always activated toner powder left over when recycling cartridges,” explained MES’ Sales Manager Graeme Clowe, “it can’t be reused and is classed as a hazardous waste.”

As well as the obvious innovative aspect, Clowe also stressed the environmental aspect of the idea. The used toner would “previously have been sent to landfill,” he elaborated. “However, working with Dundee University, we managed to develop an admixture which enables this waste material to be reused as a high-quality pigment.”

The new products, named Premium Pigments, are available in all four CYMK colours, and “can be mixed to make virtually any other,” according to Clowe. He also adds that the pigments are already now being used in a wide range of industries – “including arts and crafts, concrete and agriculture.”

Earlier this year, the company was honoured with the Social and Environmental Impact Award at the 2018 Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards.

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