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“PR3 products don’t infringe” – Canon

September 20, 2018

The OEM has confirmed that Print-Rite’s PR3 products do not infringe any of its patents currently the subject of an ongoing ITC case.

Canon has certified that the PR3 products, including NL-CE505 (III), NL-CF280X (III), NL-CF226A (II) and NL-CF226X (II), would be outside the scope of any remedial orders that may be issued at the conclusion of the ITC case.

Responding to the news, Print-Rite said: “With Canon’s confirmation, our clients would have the freedom to continue to import and/or to sell these confirmed PR3 products without any concern of any remedial orders in this case in the future.”

The news comes almost exactly a month after Canon also conceded that Aster’s latest patented dongle gear solution did not infringe on any of the OEM’s patents, following another legal battle between the two companies.

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