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Planet Ark’s success continues in Australia

June 19, 2017

Central Coast is the latest to commit to Planet Ark’s cartridge recycling plan.

The Daily Telegraph reported that through the programme over 3.5 million cartridges have been recycled in a year and that those living on the coast are accountable for recycling 12,000 of them.

Paul Chapman, Technology Coordinator, Officeworks West Gosford, said that both businesses and customers had become more aware about recycling and added: “The Central Coast in general is very mindful of the environment. The West Gosford store has been part of the Planet Ark program for quite a while and The Tuggerah store has been good as well.

“We can’t live without recycling, it’s just necessary in today’s environment. Our customers are always bringing in their old cartridges and it is something that we always mention when we sell them. Our bins fill up pretty quickly — once every two days we have to empty them which is good to see.”

13,500 cartridges per day have been have been collected for the last year and will be used across Australia for “paving, sealing and surfacing 900 kilometres of road and Ryan Collins, Programmes Manager, Planet Ark, commented: “Collectively the participating cartridge manufacturers Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta and Kyocera have helped Australians divert 34 million cartridges from landfill, which is equivalent to over 14,500 tonnes of materials, since 2003.”

Collins added: “It doesn’t make good business sense to send useful and valuable materials to landfill, when they can be salvaged and reused.” E-waste is growing fast and printer cartridges can take up to 1000 years to break down when disposed of in landfill.

Recycled cartridges are used to make a number of products not least remanufactured cartridges, “pens, rulers, e-wood, TonerPave and as an asphalt additive which improves performance and longevity of roads”.

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