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Planet Ark recycles 30,000 cartridges since 2003

May 12, 2014

planet arkAustralian non-profit organisation runs recycling programme to encourage correct disposal of printer cartridges.

The Advocate reported that 29,238 printer cartridges have been collected so far in Burnie, Tasmania, since 2003 through Planet Ark’s annual ‘Cartridge 4 Planet Ark’ recycling programme, which the company began over a decade ago to encourage members of the public to dispose of their used printer cartridges in an environmentally friendly way rather than sending them to landfill.

The recycling programme sees cartridges collected from several collection points, including Harvey Norman in Burnie, Dick Smith in Devonport and Australia Post outlets across the country’s north-west coast; with Adam Evans, store manager at Harvey Norman noting that some people brought so many cartridges to dispose of that separate boxes were required to store them.

The article explains that once collected, materials within the cartridges, including “stainless steel and plastics”, can be recycled and turned into different products “such as pens and rulers”; while businesses Close the Loop and Downer will this year recycle them “to make a new type of asphalt called TonerPave”.

Steve Morriss, Founder of Close the Loop, said TonerPave “uses recycled cartridges predominantly from the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark programme, which are shredded to separate raw materials for reuse […] the toner powder is further refined to make an additive called modified toner polymer, which helps improve performance of asphalt, potentially leading to lower whole of life costs”.

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