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Photocopier Consumables embraces circularity

April 17, 2018


The UK remanufacturer has revealed its commitment to circular economy practices, which it implements in its Research and Development department.

The Coventry-based company, which produces and supplies a range of remanufactured products, including polymerised toners, drum units and fuser units, explains that the circular economy “replaces the linear economy which is very much a take-make-dispose concept”, and promotes the following:

  • Greener solution for our environment for now and for the future
  • Reduces plastic, chemical waste, pollution and energy resources in the UK and abroad.
  • Keeps what are normally considered “End of Life products” in use for 2nd or 3rd life cycle
  • Cost effective alternative to brand new replacement products

On its official website, the remanufacturer describes itself as “an avid supporter” of circular economy principles, saying, “this ethos is very much at the heart of the processes the company employs and in the products it produces.”

As well as implementing circular economy practices in its Research and Development department, the company also operates a recycling scheme for used toner cartridges, waste toner collectors and consumable units, explaining, “Recycling goes hand in hand with Remanufacturing as without the used core items this becomes very difficult.”

The circular economy is a topic frequently covered in the news today, as more and more businesses and countries seek to adopt its methods to boost sustainability and longevity.

Recently, an EU-funded study was announced by Hull University, which will explore the impact of a Europe-wide circular economy, as well as discovering to what extent circular economy practices are already being implemented.


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