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Photizo MPS conference to “transform” MPS industry

May 9, 2012

Transform 2012, taking place later this month, aims to give MPS providers advice and information on the industry’s growth.

The conference organisers, Photizo Group, stated that the conference will be the “educational and networking event” for the MPS industry in 2012, with discussions ranging from entry-level MPS to IT outsourcing.

The company’s new Digital Workflow Transformation Service will be premiered at the conference, with Photizo stating that the service will “provide a critical window into the effect of the digital age on the imaging industry”. A presentation introducing the service will take place on May 25, the second day of the show.

The conference is notable for the fact that a number of executives from OEMs including HP, Ricoh, OKI and Xerox will be present to answer questions about the future of the imaging industry and MPS from delegates.

Photizo Group’s CEO and Founder, Ed Crowley, stated: “At Transform 2012, you’ll have the opportunity to meet industry leaders – these are the guys who have built successful service-centric businesses before it was the trend.

“You will get the information to transform your business and take home solutions to sharpen your competitive edge.”

Photizo acquired Lyra Research in January 2012, and recently announced that OKI Data Americas would sponsor the Transform conference.

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