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Perihard introduces new IP campaign

February 20, 2015

Perihard's new packaging for Serbian customers

Perihard’s new packaging for Serbian customers

The Serbian remanufacturer has begun a campaign to help customers “understand the importance of patent and IP”, with cartridge boxes labelled “patent-free”.

Perihard Engineering, which is based in Serbia and is a remanufacturer of toner cartridges, has started a campaign for its Serbian customers to help them “understand the importance of patent and IP aspects of our industry”, with the campaign taking the form of “vivid red label” boxes for its remanufactured cartridges marked “patent-free”.

The company’s General Manager, Bogdanka Pesic, told The Recycler that Perihard decided to start the campaign because the “market is flooded by cheap clones. Our remanufactured cartridges are much more expensive. We have to use all possible available information to justify our price and quality. [This] includes first of all environmental impact and IP rights”.

Pesic added that clones have been a “huge [problem] for the last three years. Public tenders are either for cheapest clones (based on the criteria of ‘cheapest price’) or originals (after bad experiences with the quality of clones). There is absolutely no place for remanufacturers [in] the market of public procurement”.

The company stated: “Our mission is to inform end-users about environmental importance when using clones compared to remanufactured cartridges. South European markets have been flooded by cheap clones and all remanufacturers, including Perihard, are facing great difficulties in collecting original empties.”

Customers are “supposed to be companies with corporate social responsibility”, Pesic commented, noting that “lots of them are” but that “they have to be informed; after that, it’s up to them how they will use this information. Here, I’m not talking about the public sector in Serbia and Eastern Europe: I’m talking about the private sector, where social responsibility is part of corporate culture”.

Additionally, clones “are not as cheap as they appear to be”, and customers should “know the wholeness of their purchasing decision’s impact. Often, procurement managers have “to have arguments to justify their decision to their bosses (‘why don’t we buy the cheapest?’), and Pesic added that the boxes are for “the Serbian market only”.

On what the industry needs to do to fight clones, Pesic believes “our industry has to have excellent quality […] small refiller shops should understand it and set up quality standards, before it’s too late”. She also believes that the industry “has to collaborate with the OEMs against clones, which includes first of all technological issues. Clones are part of the global economy. The causes are beyond our industry, so this is the solution too. Unfortunately!”.

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