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Pelikan unveils new compatible cartridges

May 16, 2018

In addition to its line of remanufactured cartridges, PRP Solutions has now launched an extended range of compatible new-build cartridges for use in a variety of OEM applications.

According to Pelikan, the company has leveraged the “highly innovative solutions” of its manufacturing partner, Print-Rite, to offer these new range of compatible new-build products, which it states do not infringe the patents of OEM manufacturers.

Pelikan explains, “These solutions work around the original patented features of the OEM cartridge and can therefore not be compared to clone cartridges.”

The company also goes on to say, “The introduction of the compatible cartridge range is partly a response to the growing trend for printer manufacturers to include only single use cartridges in their machines. These cartridges can therefore not be remanufactured, and the printers can only work with original or compatible cartridges.

Compatible cartridges have the added benefit of not relying on empty cartridge collection, enabling quicker and better availability.”

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