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Pantum first in South African printer sales

March 20, 2017

The OEM was first in terms of monochrome single-function printer sales volume in the last quarter.

On LinkedIn, the printer manufacturer stated that it was found to be first in 4Q2016 in the South African printer market’s monochrome single-function segment in terms of printer sales volume. It added that this “outstanding performance” allowed to “outpac[e] other suppliers”, with market analysts IDC’s Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker highlighting the “remarkable milestone for Pantum since it entered the SA market in 2013”.

The company added that this “exciting news followed closely after another important chapter for Pantum”, which was “the acquisition of Lexmark by the consortium led by Apex Technology” last year, “Pantum’s affiliated company”. The OEM added that “the synergy of the two printer brands, Pantum and Lexmark, will extensively optimise the ability of both to cooperate with partners and to meet the users’ requirements leveraging cost-effective products and advanced solutions”.

The company also pointed out that “we believe that these two good news [reports] will not be single cases, and more is to come”, as “working with our partners from different regions, Pantum will obtain multiple achievements in the future”.

Sylvette Thompson, Regional Leader for Pantum MEA, commented: “We’re extremely excited about the results from the IDC report which clearly show we’re on the right track, gaining market share as the months go by. Pantum is no doubt entering a new and exciting chapter which we believe will provide strong products and services to the SA market.”

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