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Pantum donates medical supplies in India

May 25, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in India, Pantum said it has sent critical medical supplies to local sales teams and is actively working with its local distributors to combat the challenges unleashed by the pandemic.

As brick-and-mortar stores are currently only open in certain regions, Pantum said it has mobilised its local sales staff in India to shift to working from home.

Pantum added that it is actively organising online sales staff training, covering product, marketing, management, and company culture training. In doing so, Pantum seeks to ensure that business expansion and service improvement can swiftly pick up when the pandemic subsides.

In an attempt to ensure health and safety for staff and partners, Pantum has sent masks to each local salesperson as they continue to actively seek bids and prepare themselves for the resumption of work. Pantum has also ensured that their distributor partners are able to confront difficulties. Several partners have conveyed their appreciation of Pantum and its products.

“Pantum has cultivated a very positive brand image in the market,” said Mr Umang Lalani, CEO of Lalani Infotech Ltd., an IT, telecom, and home appliance distribution company in India with a strong network of 5,000+ dealers. “Pantum printers are known for being cost-effective and easy to use without compromising on quality and efficiency, creating significant value for users.”

“Pantum is a fairly new name in the Indian market and in competition with brands like HP, Epson, and Canon,” said Mr Munish Jain, CEO of Paramount International, a New Delhi-based distributor. “We are confident that we can create a good market share for their products. The customers who have been using Pantum have been recommending it to others.”

Pantum has teamed up with 50 dealer partners for elevating national sales channels across 20 states in India, with 1,500 stores in first-tier and significant second-tier cities.

“Pantum offers an exciting range of laser printers, and their management and field team have a clear idea of how to address the Indian market, with lots of exciting plans in the works,” said Mr Saikat Mahapatra, CEO of Laptop Forum, a distributor of IT equipment in India. “Customers understand that Pantum is the best value for money.”

In addition to continuously improving its distributor network, Pantum added it is committed to standing with its partners to combat the pandemic and leveraging its brand and product strengths to help them achieve continued business success.

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