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Online network celebrates businesses encouraging recycling

July 12, 2013

RecycleItStandRecycling Network offers directory of organisations which actively recycle and encourage recycling.

A new network has launched that will allow the public to view organisations that encourage their staff, customers and clients to recycle and which actively recycle themselves, with members of the public having the opportunity to recommend businesses they like, work for, or use; from shops and offices to manufacturing and digital companies.

Furthermore, each week a different organisation shares its story on the Recycling Network to promote their recycling activity and encourage others to follow in their footsteps; with the main aim of the network being to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Campaigns such as the Five a Day Recycling Campaign, which asks people to recycle five different things every day, will also be promoted.

The network is also designed to provide an online hub for new and existing recycling projects, campaigns, organisations and people passionate about recycling, who are encouraged and rewarded by the network by being offered “free promotion, unique deals, member competitions and other incentives”.

In addition, members can list their own requirements for items they want or need and can search for second-hand items offered by other people on the network.

Chris Davis, the founder of the Recycling Network and Managing Director of Add My Support, which runs the network, said: “It’s good to know that organisations we buy from are doing something proactive about recycling and reducing waste. It’s important to celebrate the good things they are doing and give them some public acknowledgement.

“We send out simple newsletters letting people know about new campaigns and projects they might be interested in, organisations who are going that step further, and the little things people can do to recycle more. The network is led by the public so we are always on the look out for fun and unique ideas and useful recommendations we can share.”

Davis added that “there are many little things people can do in and around the home or work place, as well as action in the wider community. By becoming a member of this network you, or your organisation, is pledging to do more about recycling.”

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