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OKI’s white toner technology wins awards

March 22, 2013

Another Breakthrough in Printer Innovation as Oki Europe Launches the First Digital LED White Toner Printers for Smarter in-House PrintingThe OEM’s printers and toner were awarded at the Euro Trophex awards.

The OEM reported that its technology, utilised in the C711WT machine, won the “Best in New Technology” award at the Euro Trophex awards, which are held every two years to “recognise the best in new technologies”.

OKI’s partner in creating the toner technology, TheMagicTouch, won two awards on behalf of the work done between the two companies, with the other award given for ‘Best in Image Transfer’ for an image of daredevil Felix Baumgartner. The ceremony in Amsterdam celebrated “the first colour LED printer with white toner added”, with TheMagicTouch’s booth at the wider event “attract[ing] huge numbers of visitors”.

Visitors to the booth were able to see “how this unique innovation […] offers unrivalled opacity”, as well as how it can deliver a “very high ‘white’ factor for applications” including folders, mugs, binders, leather, garments and textiles.

Jürgen Hagedorn, CEO of TheMagicTouch, stated: “For garment applications, OKI’s new dry toner technology represents a major step forward in convenience. However, for non-fabric applications such as trophy and award products it is the beginning of a totally new era. The amazing C711WT printer will change image transfer applications forever. We believe it is the completion of the circle.”

Harry Takahashi, Managing Director of OKI Europe, added: “With our new LED printer, we are set to substantially expand what until now has been a highly specialist, niche ‘white printer’ market. Over many years, OKI has built much of its success on technology innovation.

“As our partnership with TheMagicTouch demonstrates, with our new white toner products we have once again created a major opportunity for end-customers to improve competitiveness, by making the most of their ability to print a broader range of high quality materials in-house.”

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