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OKI unveils OKI Connected Print

January 14, 2019

OKI Data Americas is launching its new OKI Connected Print at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2019 in New York, which the OEM will demonstrate at NRF booth #1524 13-15 Jan 2019.

According to the company, OKI Connected Print brings a unique solution to the retail marketplace with a focus on in-store signage, personalisation and customised services. With this next generation of print solutions, signage transforms from a static to a digital asset via a smart-device QR code or image recognition.

“With our long history of innovation, OKI has always been at the forefront of next-generation technology solutions that address customer pain points,” said Sergio Horikawa, Deputy President of Oki Data Americas, Inc. “OKI Connected Print represents the next step on the print industry evolution scale, combining physical and digital assets for an optimal customer experience.”

An IDC white paper recently commissioned by OKI Data further underscores the transformation taking place in the retail sector, and the potential competitive benefits and ROI-maximising opportunities for retailers who enhance the in-store customer experience:

  • 79 percent of retailers responding to IDC’s Global Retail Innovation Survey reported that they expect to improve customer experience metrics (net promoter score, customer satisfaction, revenue enhancement of 1 to 9 percent) as a result of increased in-store innovation.
  • 74 percent of responding retailers said that store innovation would facilitate reducing operating costs by 1 to 9 percent, and 25 percent said the improvement would exceed 10 percent.
  • Consumers worldwide increasingly shop by using mobile devices. For instance, Chinese consumers have embraced using personal mobile devices to engage with printed and digital media with more than 4 percent of transactions paid by scanning a QR code.

“OKI Connected Print truly enables end-to-end services, when compared to traditional print, by directly connecting customers with an online content experience,” said Mark Hansinger, General Manager of the Office Business Unit at Oki Data Americas, Inc. “This is just the beginning of the extension of print into the digital space. By connecting online content through in-store signage, we can help retailers increase in-store traffic, upsell personalisation products, deliver a multi-media experience, measure message effectiveness and track customer engagement.” 

This new concept is helping redefine the use of print in the digital age. Offering digital experiences in physical spaces to consumers helps redefine in-store shopping engagement. It enables seamless digital – physical (phygital) converged experiences through the use of consumers’ mobile devices. This makes in-store shopping more enticing for customers and builds brand loyalty. The resulting revenue growth opportunities and reduced costs help retailers maximise ROI and successfully compete with online retailers.

According to the IDC white paper, a 2018 survey of 2,000 consumers found that they experienced more joy and confidence in making shopping decisions when physical and digital product navigation and discovery was available. This included visual (and clickable) merchandising in stores, on the web, or in apps.

According to OKI, OKI Connected Print delivers a deeply engaging experience to customers by making use of scannable QR codes and images applied to traditional print media, including signs, shelf tags, shelf talkers, posters, place cards, door hangers, store signs, ads, postcards, coupons, gift tags and so on. Potential solutions that could be explored with Connected Print include:

  • Connecting digital and physical experiences via mobile apps, including wayfinding, loyalty, payments and more
  • Website content featuring expanded product sets or complimentary products
  • Videos for reviews, how-to instructions and social media sharing
  • Augmented reality for immersive experiences
  • Product reviews and comparisons
  • Product fact sheets, assembly instructions or warranty information

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