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OKI launches new wide-format printer

January 11, 2017

The OEM’s European subsidiary has launched the “cost-effective” ColorPainter E-64s.

OKI's ColorPainter E-64s

OKI’s ColorPainter E-64s

Manufacturing Global reported on the launch, with the ColorPainter E-64s said to be a “precision, easy-to-use professional printer which ticks all the boxes for affordability and eco-friendliness”. The 64-inch printer is said to be “ideal for creating high-quality signs and graphics”, and uses technology “which has proven effective in the M-64s and H3-104s” machines.

The printer uses the OEM’s special high-pigment eco-solvent SX ink, which is said to allow “the best possible level of colour quality and durability”, and which can “print on a wide range of formats” including textiles, wallpaper, canvas, hard PVC, vinyl and others, which the OEM says makes it “ideally versatile for commercial use”. The machine also takes “construction and functionality” into account, and will retail for €12,990 ($13,715).

Frank Jänschke, General Manager for Marketing of Wide Format Printers for OKI Europe, commented: “The ColorPainter E-64s is a remarkable printer offering print businesses affordable entry to very profitable, high-precision, wide-format printing on a large spectrum of media which may have previously been unattainable. As an advanced and extremely versatile printer, packed with functionality, it successfully meets all the requirements in a field where commercial opportunities are expanding but must be seized quickly and effectively in order to maximise revenue.”

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