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OKI launch new software to enhance patient care and experience

October 16, 2017

The new solution will enable medical professionals to print high quality non-diagnostic images.

As reported by, OKI Europe Ltd has unveiled a new software solution with the capacity to transform the recently launched ES9476 MFP into a medical image printing device. The DICOM RIP Pro software, the latest addition to OKI’s range of DICOM-embedded devices, will enable hospitals and healthcare clinics to provide patients with their medical images on-demand and printed in-house.

Images for diagnostics are usually stored on a PACS system, or burnt to DVD for clinicians’ eyes only; the ability to print non-diagnostic medical images, however, provides medical staff with a new way to explain results of various scans and treatments to patients. For example, a printed booklet of images on a proposal for treatment would aid patients in making an informed decision. Similarly, printed images of ultrasound scans could become a lasting memento for the expecting parents.

“Despite the growing use of digital communications, these just don’t match the immersive and permanent nature of ink on paper, and the trust and authority the printed page engenders, especially when the images are sharp, clear, and of high quality colour,” said Javier Lopez, General Manager, Vertical Industry Propositions, OKI Europe Ltd. “A booklet of this kind will help raise patient satisfaction, establish the highest brand values, and demonstrate a truly personal service.”

OKI’s ES9476 MFP, with which the software solution will integrate, includes a range of advanced security features to enable it to be used with highly confidential documents. User authentication technology prohibits unauthorised access, thereby maintaining security and privacy, and ensuring patient documents remain safe. The software will also enable medial organisations to print directly from their equipment.

“Using OKI’s DICOM RIP Pro software, the device will integrate with clinical systems and document workflows,” said Patrick Rabel, the Managing Director of the Medical Solutions Department at OKI Data Corporation. “The software provides up to twenty-five booklet design options, to enable personalisation and to ensure brand consistency.”

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