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OKI hypes 5 colour printing

November 13, 2018

The OEM has released a video explaining how printing in 5 colours, with its Pro9541 device, can open up “multiple creative opportunities to help you capture new customers”.

The 2:43-minute video promotes OKI’s Pro9541 printer, which can print on a variety of surfaces, including matte coated paper, glossy coated paper and black card media.

The printer also allows you to use clear toner on black media to create a pleasing effect, and you can print certificates using the same clear toner.

In addition, this device can be used to produce invitations on coloured media, posters and banners, and users can print on transparent media as well as being able to print transfers for t-shirt applications.

As the video demonstrates, businesses can produce a variety of products when they opt print in 5 colours, including shirts, cups, tags, plates and agendas.

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