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OKI Europe’s recycling service milestone

January 17, 2019

Since 2011, the OEM’s free recycling service has recycled approximately 2,000 tonnes of used OKI consumables.

The company’s LinkedIn page makes the observation that this milestone is the equivalent weight of around 500 hippos!

The consumables returns programme was initially launched in 2004, in order to allow the OEM’s customers across Europe to return their used products to the company, so that it could arrange for their “safe, effective, and mass recycling.”

OKI Europe states that it is “committed to continually improving our environmental performance in all areas of the business,” particularly with regards to recycling. The company adds that it is currently focussed on manufacturing products which are “resource-saving, energy-saving, and that have minimum impact to the environment right from the design and development stage,” with the long-term aim being to “establish completely recyclable products.”

“From instigating and funding initiatives that allow OKI Europe’s customers to return both hardware and consumables for recycling, through to using increasing amounts of recycled materials in our packaging, we are continually looking for new ways to reduce the amount of produced materials that go to landfill,” the company continues.


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